Danok 8

Its time to share what we learnt about the nightlife here.  There a quite a few clubs around and like I said previously, whiskey isn’t the norm.  Service will be terrible because everyone wants a tip from you even though they did NOTHING.  They will come to you, greet you and want a tip.

If you want pretty girls, go to Happy Bangkok.  I wouldn’t go back there again because the girls will just sway on stage. Customers will buy them garlands at 50RM / 500THB so that she will come down to talk to you.  Doesn’t include anything else.  Entertainment wise, there will be B-boys coming out to dance, some singers coming up to lip sync like at a Thai disco.  In the words of my friend, “no meaning”.

The other joint is located near KPK Hotel, called Jaguar. Inside you will find coyotes, PR girls from Thailand or China and more entertainment on the stage.  They have magic shows, B-boys, live bands and DJs.  You pay 110RM / 1100THB for 5 big bottles of beer and you have all that entertainment going on.  Beware of the girls and service staff though, the moment you leave a tip, everyone starts coming to you like piranhas.  For the soft hearted, you will be sucked dry, eaten up and spit outside the club.  Be firm and tell everyone to go away.  Enjoy yourself but not at the expense of an empty wallet for the rest of the trip.

We heard of YES Club and Z Club, which we will recce during the next trip.

While we were at Jaguar, we realised the customers went home pretty early. 11pm and the people start to go, we were there till 2am due to our training in Bangkok.  Usually at Bangkok, there will still be people at the club even during closing but if you look at the photo above, that was about 1.30am.

Danok 10

This was around the area, I think it was at a place called Bali Bali, where a whole bunch of hawkers were under one roof..  The Chai Tao Kway looked so tempting we had to try.  This stall sign said Mao Shan Wang Chai Tao Kway, I thought Mao Shan Wang applies to durians only.  It came out red instead of black yet just as tasty. But at 60THB, it was expensive for Thai street food.

Do note that most of the street food are selling at 60THB because their customers are Malaysians.  I faced the same situation at Hat Yai, I’m not cheapo but I do know how much street food normally cost.

Danok 5

Danok 6

Danok 7

Since we had out bikes, we rode out to Songkhla.  It was about over 1hour ride to Sirada Seafood Restaurant. Located on Ko Yo.  When you order steamed fish, they serve it all cut up, the fried prawn fritters were good.  The tom yum was lacking punch.  This place was filled with locals, didn’t see any foreigners around.  Next time round we can try another restaurant around the area.

We spent less than SGD500 for this trip, including petrol and sharing rooms.  If you travel at 130-140km/hr constantly, you’ll only need 200RM for petrol both ways.

That is all the information we have of Danok for now.  Hopefully I can provide more info after our next trip!