After dinner, I was dragged to this litte cafe located at Jurong West.  Normally when you think of cafes, Jurong west would be one of the last places you would expect a cafe to pop up. But here is V360 Cafe, less than 5 minutes walk from my old place.



We ordered an Earl Grey tea, Earl Grey cake, Iced Chocolate and Beef Lasagne.  The tea and cake were good, the chocolate and lasagna were pretty average.  I personally prefer my chocolate to be thick, this was pretty watered down and not because of the ice.  The lasagna was alright, just didn’t like the idea that it was frozen and heated up in an oven but that’s getting anal since they’re not a restaurant in the first place.  Which brings me back to the tea and cake, I didn’t taste the tea because it wasn’t mine but I had a bite of the cake, it had a tinge of Earl Grey taste in it and wasn’t overly sweet, something which I dislike about most cakes.



The menu isn’t really big and its not like they need it.  It makes it easier to make choices and you can clearly see that they provide coffee, tea and cakes.  If you want lunch, this isn’t the place.  But if you want a nice little cafe to hang out in, have a coffee or tea and cake, then this is it.

Great effort to start something new in Jurong west and I hope this place stays. Hopefully more people will know that there is a nice little cafe near them in the far west.

V360 Cafe
Blk 526 Jurong West St 52 #01-321
11am to 9.30pm
website :
facebook :