Bought my first helmet intercom and I chose the boomless technology that UClear offers.  I had to pick between this or the Scala.  No boom wins – HBC 200.

By good fortune, I realised that I can just velcro the speakers into my Shoei Neotec.  Looking at my other helmets like the Shoei Qwest or my friend’sMultitec, it would be more troublesome to fit in.  For the other helmets, the hole is deeper inside and you will have to purchase other brands to fit into it.  For the UClear’s design, it has a microphone sticking out a little.  They now have earbuds for this, I might purchase them in future and update this entry.

4255_imagesee the erection?

A square peg ain’t gonna fit in a round hole.  So check inside your helmet and see if you are stuck using a round speaker.  If you know how to mod the insides then go ahead.

Now back to the UClear, easy to use, tiny stuff to note here and there but not a deal breaker to me.  I’m an easy customer to please, but I do have to inform you on what I have found out till date.

Pros :

  • The battery lasts quite long if you don’t waste it blasting music into it.
  • Clear voice (Up to about 100 km/hr, but I’m not gonna have a conversation at 120 and above)
  • Bluetooth! Pick up phone calls with a simple hello.
  • No boom

Cons :

  • Slight lag (Well duh, it has to determine if your voice is noise or not first)
  • Voice sounds digitised (If you don’t want digitised, get a boom mic or wait a few years for a better product or just don’t nit pick over nothing)
  • Not much bass.  not really complaining.

20131114_133847Iron Man uses the UClear HBC 200 too

I don’t think I will ever get the Scala or any other device that uses a boom, I don’t wanna look like a telemarketer working overtime.

Enjoy the review by revzilla below.