we were supposed to try to catch rats on the second day but Bruce was ill, so we did it on the 3rd day instead.


(this is Seng, he wants to be a pastor and here he is holding up 2 strips of paper with rat glue on it)


(Bruce and Manak packing up the basement)

Later in the afternoon, a lady came to the shophouse and asked if Radion is able to accept her kid.  He is only 8 years old, he smokes and hangs out with bad company.


(Bruce interviewing the kid in Hmong)

The kid chose not to join Radion and it no one is forcing him to join.  Firstly, the kid has to join willingly, knowing that he wants a change in his life.  Secondly, Radion is not a child care centre.  Just because you have a problem with your kid and you can’t handle it, doesn’t mean you just come for help and expect the guys to help when you don’t really need it.  Radion accepts kids from troubled backgrounds, kids who want to go to school but can’t, kids who are willing change but are surrounded by bad company… etc etc.


(3 camwhoring boys)


(Ben talking to Ahn again)


(Faa, watching the other kids play.  She’s in a debate team in school)


(One of the old birds, Jai)


(The youngest one, Kita, aged 6, was crying. so the previous youngest member, Plaa, went to pacify her.  And Kita can cook)


(Tim gave Seng a really hard kick on his butt.  Seng is now getting his revenge)


(Nuu, small but fierce fighter.  Call her Nuu-verine)


(FALL IN!!!)

Every day, the kids would form up and do some exercise with Seng.  They had to stand at attention, not move… it just reminds me of BMT, hahahaha!  They had water parade too (because most of them were down with flu) but they didn’t fare too well.  Getting them to finish a glass of water was like poison to them.


(the cookhouse, only with way better food)

end of part 2…