i had a bunch of photos stuck in thailand and i only managed to bring back a portion to post about my trip earlier on, click here for the previous posts.

i finally received the rest of my images almost 2 weeks back. so after taking a 1 week break from editing, i decided to do up a photo that i promised an ex-colleague i’d edit for him AND some of the other photos from my trip.

this was taken at Korat, Thailand. while we were having a drink at Starbucks after walking from the hotel to the shopping centre, it was a long walk!!!

these are the images i have from that day at Korat. I’ll upload the Relief Mission photos on another post.

this is the legendary gate where our guys believe that if you walk through it during midnight with a girl, you will be “stuck” in Korat. which means that you will keep wanting to go back to find that girl in Korat. its not something i want to test, haha~ i’m already stuck in Bangkok, must be because i’m walking through the gates of the SLIM everytime.

(the images above are from the long walk, we made a detour to the temple to have a looksee)

after our stop at the mall which was called “The Mall”, we met up with the rest to have lunch near the hotel. the only way around that place was by tuk tuk. the amount of money we spent on tuk tuk rides was… a lot. i would recommend walking if you have the time to spare.  the problem is that there are only 20 metered taxis serving that area, so you just have to take the tuk tuk if you are too lazy to walk. i heard that they are planning to increase the amount of taxis soon.

(my favourite kind of stall. great food on a budget)

that’s all i have from Korat. the rest of the time was spent eating and clubbing.

time to go prep the Relief Mission @ Site X photos.