the old lady visits the guys once in a while because they visited her before. she never asks for anything, she is just happy that there are people out there who didn’t forget her.

(praying for her)

(a hug before she goes off)

(nong plaa in her own world. as usual)


(dinnertime! home cooked food is the best!)

(the 2 crazy girls acting as old men from gongfu movies)

(she’s not in pain… really)

some of these kids do not have parents or their parents are unable to pay for their education. so these kids are taken care of by Radion International and their individual sponsors. occasionally the parents of some of the kids will drop by and give them a little bit of allowance…

…and its not even 2 SGD.

it is 10THB, which is just 43 cents.

AND its not 43 cents every day, week or month.

it is when the parents have enough money…

or when they even drop by to see the kids.

– tracking back series (end)