Railway Museum

Located at Saitama, the home of Crayon Shin Chan and also the name of One Punch Man. Like Yokohama, you’ll have to get on a train and it is about 30 minutes out of Tokyo.

I actually like these kind of museums. You can see how the trains evolved from wooden cabins to the modern ones they have now. They even have a “show” where the train at the centre will rotate.

La Mère Poulard Tokyo

I wanted to try this place because I saw a video on it and it showed how fluffy the omelette was.

The foie gras was good, so were the scallops in marmite. The omelette was really soft and fluffy, however it was pretty bland to me. Maybe I’m too used to too much salt.

I walked past this road a few times, I finally saw the words “Godzilla Road”

I came to Tokyo with just one Cabin Zero backpack, I bought so much stuff that I needed to get another bag from GU. Luckily it was below 2000 yen!

Tokyo Metropolitan Building

So on my last day, I decided to go to the top floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building. There are 2 sides to go up, the north and the south.

The north side has a cafe, the south side has a souvenir shop.

Unlike the one in Yokohama, this one is free. On a good day, you can even see mount Fuji.

Narita Express (N’EX)

The Narita Express costs more than the bus ride but way more convenient, smoother and better seating. Get a 2 way ticket when you arrive and the total cost will be 4000yen. if you just get a single ticket, it will cost you 3020 – 3190 yen one way.

For this trip, I took Delta Airlines. Amid all their problems, the international flight was ok. Flight was delayed for 2 minutes and they gave each passenger a drink, I chose coke.

For starbucks fans, they served starbucks coffee on this flight.