Snoopy Museum

Over at Roppongi is the Snoopy Museum. They have a special exhibition with different themes every 4 to 5 months. When I was there, the theme was “Love is Wonderful”

Within the exhibition, different sections were displaying situations about love relationships between the Peanuts gang. One section had Charlie Brown and the red haired girl, another section was Lucy and Schroeder etc.

To access the shop, you HAVE to purchase a ticket and go through the exhibition.

Yokohama (横浜)

Yokohama is just about 30 minutes subway ride out of Tokyo. When I came out of the subway, this advertisement hit me immediately.

I think I’ll never understand what is “Mixed-use Intelligence & Delight”

I walked from the subway station to Yokohama Landmark Tower. From this building, you’ll have to buy a ticket to get up to the 69th floor.  The elevator ride was really really fast.

Along the way from the station to the tower, you might walk into the Nissan showroom.

When you come back down, there are some shops available. There was a Tomica shop, a Pokemon centre (full of kids inside) and also a Totoro shop

I walked towards the theme park island area and there was a cup noodle museum. These kind of museums are usually closed on Tuesdays so take note when you choose to go next time.

Walking further down, you will come upon a red brick warehouse. Inside are little shops and a food court where you can get your meal.  I saw a shop that I liked, everything was wood!


Chinatowns are usually not very interesting to me and this was no exception. People were excited over a procession, apparently it was some Taiwan Japan harmony day.

My visit to Chinatown was short and sweet, soon I was walking back to the station and taking a train back to Tokyo. As usual, I did the touristy thing by getting loads of items from the drug store.

Then after that, I quickly got changed and went back to the bar I went on the first day to hang out with a couple of people I got to know there.