Shibuya (渋谷)

Finally, THE junction that almost everyone talks about. And that’s it, just a junction in Tokyo.

A trip to Shibuya wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Hachiko statue. Tower Record still exists and the Mcdonald’s burger look much better than the ones in Singapore.

For those who miss Gong Cha, they have it here too.

Tokyu Hands in Tokyo is HUGE. It has almost everything and they even have the old school electronics.

Would you like Suntory Premium Malt with a 2 piece meal? I would.

My body was aching from all the walking from previous days so I decided to try their Mcdonald’s on the way back. It doesn’t taste unhealthy.

Tsunahachi (天ぷら新宿つな八)

I haven’t had any tempura for my whole trip and I was dying to have someone fry me some food in front of me.

The meal went by pretty quick, kinda like a teppanyaki restaurant. Everything was well battered and the greasy feeling in my stomach only came at the end when I got full. Nothing like good fried food with Ebisu beer to wash it down. The price starts at around 2400 yen and goes all the way to 5400 yen. I don’t like squid so the only option for me was the cheapest one and I added some ala carte items.

Golden Gai (ゴールデン街)

This place has loads of foreigners and Japanese. I am not sure if I should classify this place as a tourist joint or not. I decided to take the plunge and just step into one or two of their 150 bars.

So foreigners have to pay a cover charge ranging from 500 to 800 yen. They serve you a light appetiser (biscuits or potato salad or soup), drinks are around 500 yen. My average bill from each bar is about 2500 yen. The Japanese there spoke to me or tried to speak to me, it was fun just chatting with random people.

It is always nice to walk back to the hotel and the streets are so quiet and peaceful

J-World Tokyo

If you are an anime or manga fan then J-world might be fun for you. Do get the tickets with the rides option, otherwise it will just be a regular exhibition with nothing much to do. If you have passports then there will be a small discount for foreigners.

Going alone won’t be much fun either because no one can help you take photos of you doing the actions at the open areas.

Sunshine Aquarium

The queue for this place was very long but at least it keeps moving.

The aquarium was recently renovated and they have an outdoor area. The main draw are the penguins in their special tank that gives the illusion that they are flying.