Yonekyu Honten (米久本店)

After my shopping spree (if you can even call it that) at Kappabashi, I walked to this sukiyaki restaurant. Its supposed to be over a 100 years old.

The lady would do everything for you in the beginning, laying the fat, vegetables and beef. After that you can dip the beef in raw egg and eat. There is a pot of water to pour into the pan when it gets too dry. After my meal, I went to the convenience store to get the lemon tea version of the flavoured water.

Don Quixote

Besides the cute and weird stuff, the liquor section made me feel happy.  Look at the price for 4 litres of whisky! And look at the mini bbq!

The next day I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan building, where you can go up for free and have a view of Tokyo.

I went on a rainy day in Tokyo and all I got was this

So I decided to try again another day.


Harajuku (原宿)

This place was packed full of people and cute stuff on sale. Cute stuff to put on and cute and sweet stuff to eat.

Totti Candy Factory had a long queue, I wondered why until a guy stepped out of the shop and I saw the size of the cotton candy.

I didn’t try the owl and cat cafe, I wasn’t really interested in it but I took a photo just for reference.

When I stepped out of Takeshita street, I was at an area that looked more like Orchard Road. The cute and sweet stuff were only at that Takeshita street. I ventured into another lane and there was an Onitsuka Tiger building in there. Further down there were many individual stores like the flagship Adidas store. It was near halloween so the LINE store was already decorated that way.

Shimokitazawa (下北沢)

I met 2 guys who brought me here for dinner and drinks. Our first stop was a tiny steakhouse, usually they go to Ikinari Steak but they said this place was cheaper and better.

Beko Taro (ベコ太郎)

I ordered the 400g Rib roast (Rib eye) which cost me 2600 yen. Totally worth it.

Not to be outdone, my new friend ordered 2 steaks for himself.

Torikizoku (鳥貴族)

What do you do after you’ve had steak? Go find another place to snack and have beer or whisky high ball! We climbed up the stairs and this place occupied the entire floor! You can’t see it from the ground floor.

I loved the yakitori and the chicken meat balls. I also learnt how to order a highball whisky, ask for seconds and also order more food. The bill was 5200 yen. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

We ended the night at one more joint there they offered wine buffet. But I stuck to whisky instead and here’s the menu.