The next day I checked out of the capsule hotel and walked to my next accommodation…

Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku

I got a cheaper room, the single bed version. Definitely not much space for you to open your luggage, luckily I only have a Cabin Zero backpack.

So its time to go get brunch, I walk back towards Anshin Oyada and next to it is a donburi stall.

Tatsuya (たつ屋)

The gyudon is 350 yen. Even yoshinoya’s beef bowl is more expensive. If you don’t look out for it, you will walk past it.

Akihabara (秋葉原)

From Shinjuku it is a 7+km walk to Akihabara. Along the way I ventured into a guitar zone, loads of shops selling guitars near the university.

I went into the Gundam Cafe and AKB48 Cafe located directly at the Akihabara station. There was nothing much for me, unless you are a total fan boy. There are loads of mugs and prints for fans to purchase.

The first building I went into was 10 storeys high and every level had toys and models. I was tired by the time I cleared the whole building.

Some people were Mario karting.

The other shops also sold retro game consoles. I remember playing all these at a video rental store in Jurong West.

Tsukiji Shijo (築地市場)

The stalls at Tsukiji outer market don’t really start till 10am, I wasn’t willing to wake up at 3am just to see the tuna auction. I was interested in consuming tuna only. click for more details.

You are able to get loads of food from the outer market.

You are not allowed to take photos of the Unagi stall, the fella was telling another customer off for doing so. I was busy taking photos of the Unagi instead so I wasn’t bothered by the stall owner.

The unagi was like butter, soft and moist.

I also tried the butter scallop and snow crab.  Honestly the price is really reasonable for good food. Once I was done walking around, its time to just head to a sushi joint to get my tuna.

Sushi Zanmai (寿司ざんまい)

They have this all around, so I just went to the one with the shortest queue and supposedly the original store.

I ordered their Maguro Don and 2 more O-toro.

Odaiba (お台場)

I decided to go to Odaiba and luckily it was really near. You’ll have to swap to another train to get to Odaiba which is an island.

I always see Fuji TV on Japanese programmes and finally I get to really see it.

Diver City

The giant Unicorn Gundam is located at Diver City.  Inside Diver city is pretty big. At the top floor is an entire section dedicated to Gunpla which are models for everything within the Gundam universe. Bandai even has a huge factory dedicated to Gunpla.

The other parts of the island has other shopping malls, there is even a building which is a Toyota showroom showing their concept cars and upcoming models. Next to the showroom is a outlet, the interior looks like some roman architecture.

Kappabashi (合羽橋道具街)

Located around Asakusa, this is hands down my favourite part of Tokyo. The array of kitchenware makes me so happy just seeing them all. If you’re in Tokyo and looking for kitchen knives, this street is the place to go.

I bought a Santoku knife from Kamata. I also got my name engraved on the knife. Because of my purchase, I was entitled to a scratch and win. In the end I won a sponge for cleaning pans. There are shops selling fake food, like the kind you find outside a restaurant to give a visual representation of the food.