So I decided to go to Tokyo on my own.  No plan, no preparation except some reading up on places I might want to visit.

Here’s what happened during my 10 day trip to Tokyo.

I landed at Narita Airport and I had no idea how to get to Shinjuku. I just followed a sign that said Shinjuku by bus. So i paid 3000 yen for a 1hr bus ride from Narita directly to Shinjuku station. From there I had to find my way to the capsule hotel via Google maps.

Anshin Oyado Shinjuku (安心お宿 新宿)

I stayed at the Anshin Oyado Shinjuku for 1 night. I wished I stayed there for 3 nights at least. The location was very convenient, they have a public bath, vending machines are free flow. The mattresses are Simmons or Sealy, I can’t remember which. Almost everything is provided, robes, slippers, towels. You don’t need to bring anything really.

The only “bad” thing is the locker space. You can leave your bags behind their counter or bring it up with you. Otherwise from the photo above, you can see that the lockers space is really good for a suit and a laptop bag.

After checking in and packing my stuff, it was time to walk around Shinjuku.

I went straight to a convenience store to get this.

At least I tried this before it came to Singapore.  Then its to Tenkaippin for the usual ramen. I’m not a fan of Ichiran at all. Ichiran is just full of foreigners, people walking in with selfie sticks and luggages.

Tenkaippin (天下一品)

The soup as always is thick and salty. So I usually order it with rice and use it as a sauce.

By the time I was done, the sun was down and I just kept walking to the next area.

Kabukicho (歌舞伎町)

Supposedly the red light district of Tokyo but it doesn’t feel sleazy at all compared to the south east asian counterparts.

I hopped into a local bar and saw some stuff for the first time, like a HUGE 4 litre plastic bottle of whisky.

They told me that 1000 yen would give me 2 hours of whisky free flow. I’m like, TAKE MY MONEY.

One of the staff was celebrating his birthday on his day off at the bar, so they got cake for him and it looks exactly like instant noodles. The bowls were styrofoam but the noodles and other stuff were actually cake! The “paper” cover for the green ramen was also edible.

The place closes at midnight and the patrons start to leave around 11pm so that they can catch the train back home. Otherwise it would cost a lot to take the taxi home.  Luckily I can walk back to the capsule hotel but I had to drop by the convenience store to get myself some supper.

Nothing like a hot bowl of katsudon and cold tuna onigiri for supper by the street.