Me and my other 3/4 (no more half because her size is not half) went to a little cafe surprisingly located at a 鸟不生蛋的地方 (Jurong West) to sit down after having our dinner nearby.

First Look

Time Table is a clean and air conditioned joint. The polar opposite of the mess at 502 market which needs to be closed every 3 months to clean up, and it still doesn’t look clean whenever I go there.

We stepped into the shop and Lisa Ono greeted my ears. Buay pai.

I pulled out the seat and sat down. The cushion was exactly what I needed after walking around the market, I could lean back, stretch my legs and the chair wouldn’t feel like it could bend and break. The furniture is solid and there is a table in the middle of the cafe that can host of up 8 people.

Together with the warm lights, this feels like another world compared to the market and kopitiams which is visible just across the road.


Time to Lim Teh

I lean back and cross my legs. Open up the menu and it sure has a lot of stuff to offer for a little place.

I ordered a Pu’er with Chrysanthemum ($3.50), the other 3/4 ordered an Osmanthus Green Tea ($3.50). We also ordered a Rainbow Cake ($5.90) for dessert.

Ordering is done via an order chit, you’ll have to bring the order to the cashier and pay from there. Please note, CASH ONLY and SELF SERVICE.

Cakes and ice cream were not listed on the menu but there are choices available. The ice cream list is located at the cashier and you can also choose cakes from the fridge next to the cashier.

The cashier will ring the bell and call out your table number, then you go collect it from the cashier area.

The other 3/4 enjoyed the Osmanthus Green Tea that she ordered it one more time. I didn’t eat much of the cake but she liked it, she says the cake isn’t too sweet. I took a bite and I personally prefer more fluffy kind of cake instead of the pasty ones. I’m not a cake person so I cannot give a decent review.

The Pu’er with Chrysanthemum was alright for me, the Pu’er was overwhelming the Chrysanthemum. The Osmanthus Green Tea tastes more balanced . Note to self : Put in some sugar next time for Pu’er with Chrysanthemum.

I saw another customer order a Vanilla Latte, it looked pretty decent.


What’s the crowd like?

When we reached Time Table, it was around 7.30pm. The place wasn’t full and was quiet.  Customers started to come in around 8pm. It didn’t get too noisy even when its full, just people sitting around talking, using their laptops. The only noise that gets too much is from the young kids.

This place is good for almost everyone – families, friends, couples, etc. Some customers were friends who arrived after work and probably live around the area.

Don’t expect hipsters to be around, you’ll be seeing people in T-shirt and slippers, just like home and that’s how it should be.

How’s the food?

The menu offers an array of food and I was tempted to try some of it. The price wasn’t high compared to a restaurant. So I ordered the 8″ Hawaiian Pizza ($8.20) and Spaghetti Aglio Olio ($5.90).

After eating here, I must state that I am not complaining. I honestly feel that for the ambience and price, one shouldn’t expect much.

The spaghetti arrived, it was soggy and the oil was located at the bottom of the bowl. But hey, for that price, no complaints. I finished it all and I didn’t have to fork out $14 for it.

The pizza was probably frozen pizza but then again for that price to sit there and relax, no complaints.

Would I go there for specially for a meal? I guess not.

But if I’m in the area, I’ll definitely go there to have a meal, just so I can sit in a clean, quiet place with air conditioning. Time Table is the only place to chill out in the neighbourhood. Unless you’re a KFC or McDonald’s person then you can go sit there for your air conditioning as well.

I ordered a Red Grapefruit Mojito ($5.60) to cool down before we left. I will surely order this next time on a hot day. I recommended it if you like grenadine with sprite and a dash of mint.

Would you come back again?

Of course! But not in a “its so fantastic that I’ll be back” kind of way. More like a “there’s nowhere else like this around the neighbourhood so here’s the best”.

It is really down to context. Compared to other cafes in town, this place lose. But in a neighbourhood like Jurong West? Fuck man, its heaven for me.

Last time the only options I had to sit down and have a drink after dinner would be KFC and McDonald’s. At least now there is Time Table, so Time Table it is.

Time Table Cafe

Block 456,Jurong West, Street 41, #01-726
Singapore 640456

Opening Hours : Mon – Sun (11am – 11pm)

Cash Only | Free Wifi | Self Service

Tel : 65665088

Time Table Cafe Facebook Page