after hanging out at Korat for 3D2N, we took the coach back to Bangkok where we spent another 2 nights of clubbing. That would be 5 nights of liquor, I needed to detox. Petchabun was just the right thing to come.

i split up with my ex colleagues, they took the cab to the airport while i took the evening coach to meet Eugene and Ben.

I was to help document their first relief mission to Site X

(early morning brief just ended for the team)

(keeping the children entertained while everything was being prepared)

(Milk! Mission – a child receiving biscuits)

the primary mission was to provided Rice and Noodles to the villagers. Milk and biscuits are given to the children. More info about the Milk! mission can be found here.

(rice was distributed from this pickup)

(tired personnel from the relief team)

the whole mission lasted from the morning till sundown. the rice was distributed in darkness.

the rest of the photos are now with Radion. not because of legal issues but because i didn’t have enough space on my CF card to bring the photos back!!!!