hopefully it will be a bi-monthy trip for me from 2009 onwards.

because i can have a holiday and if i go for the trip it means that Radion will have donations coming towards them. As stated in Eugene’s blog, i have decided to pledge 10% of my earnings to supporting them in their efforts.

anyway, here’s the start of my trip. we arrived at BKK and it was quite uneventful during the day, we just went around window shopping and eating. in the afternoon we went to Mo Chit to get tickets to Korat. at night, we headed to SLIM (where else?).

(the photo above wasn’t taken by me)

12pm the next day, we took the 5hr journey down to Korat to meet the rest of the gang.

i really have no idea who is the guy who said that Korat is mini Bangkok. it is quite far from that actually.

and i also have no idea who told me the food at this restaurant was nice. i ordered cream of mushroom soup and pepper steak. the mushroom soup came and it was starchy like it just came out of the can with no water added. when the “steak” came, it was just a double sized beef burger patty with pepper sauce on it! no wonder the waitress never asked me how i wanted the steak done! this could be my one and only trip to Korat, unless work takes me there.