i had 2 themed shoots to clear on saturday and a ROM on a sunday, which is alright except for the fact that I am going overseas on the 18th, which gives me very little time to post process the photos. i’ve been on my butt for the longest time (my seat reeks of awesome perspiration) so i decided to take a shower and update my blog. somehow i feel like i’m starting to run dry on ideas, so a holiday is good.

anyway, on friday i went to T3 for popeyes. I have never been to T3 to take photos because I don’t bring my camera with me wherever i go. i am seriously thinking about purchasing a compact, i think there’s only so much my camera handphone can do.

i took the last photo while riding through the basement of T3. kids, DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME. what am i saying? the kids don’t even have a motorcycle in the living room.

ah yes, Popeyes. not that fantastic, i was told by Jaime Jamie that I went to the wrong one. should’ve gone to T1… or was it T2? anyway there was a lady who went to the counter to ask why her drumstick was so small. I really have no idea you can complain about minute simple things like these. how do u live life being so calculative? I personally prefer the fried chicken off the street stalls of thailand, marinated with essence of vehicle fumes.

its Monday, 2 more days to BKK đŸ™‚