Later that night, we went to a club called Warm Up Cafe.  I’ve been there before, lots of cute girls but too boring for me.

They like to stand around and drink very little.

I whipped out my stale bottle of Jack Daniels and Eugene brought his fresher bottle of Jack Daniels.

For the other nights, we went to Monkey Club which was closer to BKK in terms of clubbing fun.  I didn’t take any photos but they have pork knuckles there for about 320THB+

The next morning, I rode up to Doi Suthep and visited the temple.  Foreigners had to pay but I just walked in, no one questioned me.

(supposedly 200+ steps up)

(bells with instructions not to shake them, but some foreigners don’t understand english)

(the view of Chiangmai from the temple)

I went to try Flight Of The Gibbon too, paid around 3000THB and it was fun!  Didn’t take much photos though, I did a video compilation which is only available on facebook.

I took ONE photo which was this


After zipping around the rainforest, they brought us to a waterfall to chill out.  The climb up was tiring, reminded me how old I really am.

One of the days, I went to the Chiangmai Zoo to see the celebrity panda Lin Ping.  But the bugger was asleep in a position that reminded me of secondary school where we would sleep the same way on the table.

(back in the 90s in school)

(big playground for the panda)

(Papa panda was awake having his lunch)

I continued my walk around the zoo and saw a couple of interesting signs…

(are we sharing?)

(what is family sufficiency?)

Besides the signs, there were other denizens in the zoo besides the celebrity panda.

(capybara lying in his lunch. imagine lying in bacon)

(a big elephant)