After a day of rest (meaning, no drinking and partying) I moved off from BKK at 5am

I grabbed a sausage mcmuffin with egg at the outskirts of BKK, and made my way to Chiangmai.  The roads were surprisingly empty and I could hit 180-220km/hr for long stretches.

But just outside Chiangmai, I was stopped by the police, along with all the other road users that day.  We were told to pay a 400THB fine for offences churned up by them.  I saw small bikes get fined for speeding!

When my turn came, the police asked me if I could speak Thai.  I replied “little bit”.

He smiled and said I was speeding at 119km/hr.  That I know he is lying because I was no where near 119km/hr.  Then he told me that the fine was 400THB.  Good thing he didn’t increase the fine because I would have activated my Thai and asked him why everyone else was paying 400THB while I had to pay more.

So after getting my receipt and carrying on with my journey, I finally arrived at Chiangmai! Time taken? 6HRS!!!!!

(Thanks for the welcome)

After a hot journey, it feels good when people splash you with water while you ride around. Luckily it is Songkran festival even though I don’t quite like being wet.

The hotel that I booked, didn’t have a room ready yet.  I arrived at 2pm and no room??? Its alright, so I went to grab a meal and sit by the road side first.



The room was finally ready at 4pm and I didn’t take a photo of the deluxe room, hahaha!  There is a shot of the view from the room though.

(Doi Suthep)

The next day was a trip to Sankamphaeng Hot Springs and it was about 1hr journey there.

(Soaking up the view along the way)

You have to buy a ticket to get into the hot springs, I went to the counter and the guy asked me “กี่คนครับ” (how many people?)

“2 คนครับ” (2 people) i replied, then I gave him 100THB.

The guy gave me back 80THB change and I was surprised, then I realised that I paid Thai rates!

(Sankamphaeng Hot Springs signboard)


(the sign says that the water is 105 degrees)

(cooking eggs)

There is this section where you can cook eggs, but you have to go buy the eggs first from a conveniently located shop just nearby.

(this is where you cook your feet)

We were wondering why everyone was crowding near the entrance soaking their feet instead of moving nearer to the hot springs.  We knew why when we put our feet in and it was cooking our feet! It was supposedly almost 100degrees celcius after all.

Then we changed positions and moved further down where it wasn’t so hot.  But then the heat of the place started to get to me and I lasted for about 30mins before throwing in the towel.

After that, we went to meet our friend, Eugene, who has an office in Chiangmai for Radion International.

(down the winding road)

Along the way, there was a beautiful sunset and we were chasing it and looking for an open area to take a photo.  We couldn’t find any so I had to make do with this.