I have been hit by a virus.  I have no idea what virus because no one seems to have a name for it and this virus is a headache specialist.

I don’t get sick very often and even when I was sick back when I was still working full-time, I didn’t like queuing at clinics.  But if I really need to go see a doctor then it means I really need help.


It doesn’t help when the queue is blocked up by people who just want to “keng”.  It doesn’t help even more when the clinic assistant doesn’t let me jump queue to see the doc ASAP, instead playing doctor herself and getting me back in the 20 pax queue. While everyone else is playing their phone, reading newspapers, yawning, I am the only one stoned, breathing heavily, can’t stand up straight, can’t speak properly and with obvious rashes all over my body.  I’d like to mention “good job” to SHENTON FAMILY MEDICAL CLINIC TAMPINES for training their clinic assistants to be doctors without even doing a simple fever test and assessing that I should get my ass back in queue like all the kengsters. GOOD JOB *clap clap*.


Even with dengue symptoms like fever, headache, body ache and rashes. The assistant refused to let me get assessed ASAP.  I got up, struggled to another clinic, was assured that it was an unknown virus and got my Paracetamol.

I don’t usually visit clinics and I realised that clinics is just a place for people to grab their day off at a price. Even when I was working for the Air Force for years, I only went to see doctors when I was really sick and it pisses me off to see all these healthy people sitting around faking a cough.

Still not ok

The headache persisted, I couldn’t sleep at night.  It felt like something was squeezing my head the whole day, 24/7 and sometimes really hard. Over the weekend I couldn’t take it and went to the A&E section of Changi General Hospital.  Everything was fast, clean, professional.  A proper triage to gauge the severity of your problem, not some “trained” clinic assistant playing doctor and making decisions over the counter.




Doctor got some blood off me for testing, no dengue, no meningitis. Specialist came to check, calls it “Viral Exanthem” on the paper. Gives me a painkiller, grab my other medicine, pay and leave.

Thank you CGH. Always professional since the first day.

I still have a headache till now but I trust the doctor when he says give it a week to go. I also know now that clinics should purely for the kengsters, because asking to be seen ASAP means they think you are another kengster trying to cut queue.