I had a pork knuckle craving the night before.  So after a quick group chat on MSN, the 6 of us descended upon Magma at 7pm.

Initially we wanted to go to Badens / Paulaners / Brotzeit but after using “best pork knuckle singapore” on google, I chanced upon this restaurant located at Chinatown.

(weekday peace)

(anti aging beer! i wonder if it works… it was out of stock)

(i forgot what they call this, but it is basically potato pizza with sauerkraut)

(cherry beer, sweet on the tongue and slight beer aftertaste)

(the menu says that it is female wild boar.  how do we know if it is female?)

(pork loins, soft and moist…)

(craving satisfied.  PORK KNUCKLES! crispy and crunchy skin)

(i ordered an extra bratwurst)

(that’s my dessert. Lukewarm chocolate cake with berries)

It was a weekday so we were the only customers for a good couple of hours.  The choice of beers is pretty good too.  They have a really thick wine list but none of us are wine appreciators.  The food was good overall, good enough for us to want to come back.

Here is more info about the place:


2-4 Bukit Pasoh Road (Chinatown)

very near Pinnacle @ Duxton and New Majestic Hotel.