Photoshop is 25 years old! No live preview, no undo last last last last step, no layers. How times have changed.  Its cute to see their reactions and I’d probably react the same way if I wasn’t able to locate the usual tools.  Good job on the drop shadow, hahaha!

Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then, it has become the de facto industry standard in raster graphics editing, such that the word “photoshop” has become a verb as in “to photoshop an image,” “photoshopping,” and “photoshop contest,” etc.

I remember when I first started taking photos, I was pretty much a photoshop snob. I was proud that I didn’t require photoshop to edit my photos, which kinda helped so that I could get my basics right (though not 100% right). Then I learnt to use photoshop to enhance the images instead of repairing images all the time.

The first Photoshop I used was probably CS. Damn, that was back in 2003 or 2004.


I actually do not like to hear people say “you can fix it in photoshop” just because I can do it. Yeah, spend time fixing it so I can start to enhance it which probably won’t look as nice.  And the amount of misconceptions by people who use the word “non-destructive editing” and yet don’t know what it really means.  The same kind of people I heard telling the print shop owner “you’re using a mac? I heard that macs colours are better for printing than windows”.  what? where do they get their information from???

Anyway, happy 25th anniversary to my workhorse, Adobe Photoshop.