I was lucky enough to convince a couple to come to Pai for a photoshoot. Even though it wasn’t the ideal season to be here, it was the only time they were free to have a holiday due to their hectic work schedule. They loved how rustic the town was, they got to ride motorcycles around and tried loads of thai food. So here are the images for their 5D4N trip to Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.

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The itinerary was pretty flexible. On the first day I went to pick them up at Chiangmai airport and it was night time when we arrived in Pai. The shoot commenced the next day and we went around some predetermined locations.  We stopped whenever I felt there was a location along the way that showed potential.

The main problem with the shoot was that it was burning season. The farmers were burning and everything was hazy. The only way I could get any shape of the mountains was within a half hour timeframe where the sun would get low enough to the edge of the mountains.

By night time we would be having dinner and then walking along walking street for them to do some shopping.

For those who are interested in doing a photoshoot in Thailand, feel free to contact us.