Greetings from Petchabun!  It has been a pretty eventful and interesting trip so far.

1. I know how much weight (equipment + clothes) I lug onto a plane now

2. I have to use my thai sim card + USB modem to connect to the internet because there is no internet connection at where I am staying.

3. We were ‘lucky’ to get to see a couple of funerals and weddings.  I was told that the chances of that happening in a week is pretty low.

4. The rain hasn’t helped us a bit.  Yesterday we got stuck in the mud and had to push the vehicle to get it out, then we had to do a bit of digging to help the car get some traction on the wheels.

5. The view is great, as usual.  Feels really good to look at the mountains while having a frappucino!

6. Tried to take photos of cows with the guy taking care of the cattle but the cows could smell us (even though we were hiding behind the bushes) and ran away.  So we could only take a photo of the guy who takes care of the cattle.

7. We had trouble taking photos of the shaman because they don’t usually appear at ALL funerals.

8. We also had trouble taking photos of any wedding couple because they don’t put on the traditional clothings the whole day.  Only during specific times during the whole wedding and yet we can’t get the exact timing.

9.  I also went to a church and sat through a service today for the first time in 14 years.

10. I have consumed too much rice, must start fasting from monday!

The photos and videos will be up as soon as possible after I get back.  There should be a photo exhibition arranged by Radion International in February 2011 to raise funds and awareness for these people.