I don’t usually do artwork documentation. The initial job scope from this assignment was to do colour correction for Lim Tze Peng artworks.  I find it very strange that the original photographer didn’t do colour correction and even told the person in charge that it was the printer’s job to do colour correction.  His claim is partially correct but the colours he was giving to them was wrong in the first place.

Some paintings were printed on rice paper rolls which are brown and the photos he produced were against a white background, he probably just clicked on the background white during post processing. Exposure wasn’t adjusted either, levels were applied wrong.  The black in the paintings were obviously not pitch black and the other colours were affected due to the wrong white balance.



So now the project went from colour correction to photography for the remaining paintings. These will be published in a book and the person in charge was adamant that the colours should be true to the original. Not over edited to look like a graphic design and most importantly, correct colours.

Here are some more paintings that I liked.