People who visit Pai like to ask “what is there to do in Pai?”. The answer is nothing. Do NOTHING.

Do not come here expecting to be entertained. Don’t fill your day with activities. Just get a nice room with a view and do NOTHING. Get a motorcycle, ride around and soak in what ever view you see along the way.

Don’t go to the touristy Chinese village.  Don’t go to the touristy Coffee In Love because their coffee is terrible, just go take a photo of the view and leave. You can consider going to Pai Canyon but only from 5pm onwards.

pai - 011

pai - 012

Denizens of Pai

During one of my cold nights, I hung out with my friend X. He is from Bangkok and he decided to chill out here. We started a fire, had some music at the background, looked at the stars, talked about life.  His girlfriend arrived back from selling vegetarian samosa at walking street, then she cooked some noodles for supper. This is Pai life.

There are artists hiding in this little town too. Really talented people who should be exposing their works to the city. One artist I had the privilege to meet was P’Chan. He loves Gentleman Jack and I love his works.

pai - 019

Beautiful Lanna paintings, love the shadings

pai - 020

pai - 021

Card holders made from wood

pai - 026

pai - 027

Paintings by P’Chan found at Le Reve

pai - 022

pai - 023

The artist P’Chan showed me what he did in the past. He made customised dog houses! If there is anyone who wants to buy some of his stuff, just let me know.

I got to meet a few resort owners while I was there. They didn’t have decent photos of their resorts, mostly taken by Agoda staff or their hobbyist friends. I didn’t have my lighting equipment or tripod either so I had to make do with what I had.  The results are better than what they had previously but not up to my standard.

pai - 029

Plernpai Boutique Hotel

pai - 030

pai - 031

pai - 032

Baan Nern Khao View

pai - 034

pai - 035

pai - 036

pai - 033

pai - 037

pai - 038

House of Love @ Pai

pai - 040

pai - 041

pai - 042

pai - 039

Pai Vieng Fah

 I brought 2 batteries, no charger and by the end of the trip my batteries were almost flat.  I didn’t expect to be taking photos for people and their businesses. I did the opposite of what I said earlier. But ultimately, I enjoyed my time in Pai.

To end this series, here’s a plate of bugs I had for snacks.

pai - 018