The nightlife in Pai is something I don’t particularly enjoy. I am still pretty much a city person in my heart and I would definitely prefer to go to Bangkok.

pai - 006

The bars here are pretty much like the beach bars you find at the southern islands.  The farangs like to hang out here which makes me wonder why you would want to hang out at the same kind of place that you left.  The bars cater to young “backpackers” who cannot drink or know the difference between the liquors.  They order Sang Som buckets, overpriced vodka shots and get loud and noisy when there are resorts nearby with guests who want to sleep.  You get the cheapos who buy liquor from another bar and head to the popular bar just to save 10 baht.

The crowd will usually go to Yellow Sun Bar till midnight or 1am, then head to Sunset Bar or Don’t Cry Bar which closes at 4am.  Sunset Bar is literally open 24hrs, they probably can’t sleep from all the weed, shrooms or whatever they are consuming there.  The only thing I enjoy at the bars are the bonfires, it keeps me warm during the cold season.

The only bar I recommend is Almost Famous. A big range of mojitos are available there and it is more cozy there.

pai - 006a

There are nice chill places to hang out like Sabai Bar located at walking street next to the bust station.  Its got a bohemian feel to it but I hope it lasts before the dirty fake hippies start to bring it down to their level.  Another joint that is cool to hang out is Thien Art Space, it is located out of town and the design is beautiful. No photo of it though.

pai - 007


After you wake up from your day, its time to go eat again.  There is this restaurant along walking street called The House. It serves pretty good thai and western food but takes an awful long time to arrive.  Most importantly, it isn’t expensive.  I had fried rice one day and green curry on another, they serve it with brown rice which I guess makes this place a healthier choice.

pai - 009

pai - 010

There is a tapas restaurant called Silhouette.  That place is recommended too, not expensive for the city dwellers. Here’s the link to their facebook page :

Here’s a short list of other places I frequent and  recommend to go if you ever drop by in Pai :

  • All About Coffee – you might miss it if you do not open your eyes along walking street. serves fresh coffee and surrounded by wood and art, great place to chill
  • Burger House – Get your dose of burgers here, either you order the ones with meat or I recommend the fish burger. Located opposite Lilu Resort.
  • Fruit Factory – serves thai steak and you can satisfy your fruit shake craving there.
  • Le Rêve de Pai – The only place in Pai with good wine.  No need to speculate if the wine was syrup with water. Located next to Payi Resort.
  • Mookata next to the airport – Only 159 baht. Come with live music on weekends I think.
  • Big’s Little Cafe – If you like western breakfast by the bar, come here. Located opposite The House.
  • Krua Saai Nam Pai – Seafood here. Located out of town, ask your hotel reception.
  • The Canteen – Pretty good thai food here, owner speaks English. Located next to Pai Hospital.

pai - 013

Here is Big, cooking breakfast at his little cafe.

pai - 014

The Canteen menu comes in a pan

pai - 015

I ordered fried fish and the owner put in on the table saying “Fish from Jurong” Hahaha!

pai - 016

Outdoor seating at The Canteen. I think they have outdoor seating only.

pai - 017

Tom Yum noodles from a shop I cannot describe to you where it is.  Bloody spicy.

pai - 024

Chillin out at Le Reve

pai - 025

Inside La Reve

pai - 028

Chocolate with fruits, can’t remember the name. Fruit Factory