After covering their wedding, we all went for a walkabout at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

I haven’t shot weddings for a while and this is probably my last one for 2011.  Any other wedding shoot I do will be for my friends only, unless somewhere along the way some client convinces me to do wedding photos.

Anyway, the rain just stopped and the seats were wet.  I couldn’t get the bride to sit on any seats and risk getting the dress stained.  Because of the rain, it was very humid too.  I don’t know the botanic gardens that well and I didn’t manage to find the band stand.  The shoot was supposed to last about 1hr and I thought I’d try to get 5 shots.  We were there for 1 1/2hrs and I had 13 photos.

So here it is, my version of weddings and its not a bridal shoot.


(team botanic gardens)