got a bunch of stuff to do

  • collect camera from servicing
  • get my bike balancer fixed
  • deliver prints

here’s a quick description of my trip :

  1. went to BKK
  2. took the coach to Korat with my ex colleagues to meet the rest who are on thailand detachment
  3. went back to BKK.
  4. ex colleagues went back to SG, i took the coach to another state to meet up with the guys from Radion International
  5. saw off the personnel from Wave 3 at the BKK airport. straight after that, took the commuter up to Petchabun
  6. stayed at Petchabun for a week
  7. back to BKK via the midnight coach
  8. back to SG

photos with the quick writeups will be up soon. 🙂