The shoot is finally done after 10 gruelling days in Hokkaido. Winter came early and we got hit by the bitter cold. Before we left, the weather reports were averaging 15 degrees celcius.  When we arrived, it didn’t get beyond 10 degrees celcius for the first 5 days. We clocked almost 1500km on the road and got a lot of photos.

Here are some that I have selected of the 1000+ images we took.


Locations that I can roughly remember :

Daisetsuzan National Park
Ningle Terrace
Unkai Terrace
Nakajima Park
Maruyama Park
Lake Toya
Cape Kamui
Hokkaido University

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the full colours of fall no matter how well planned the trip was. However some colours were showing in the foliage and we had to maximise on whatever was given. Bad weather also dampened our photoshoots, rain constantly followed us everywhere we went.

Setting up my strobe and octagon box was impossible because of the strong winds. So we had to make do with the speedlights and an assistant to hold the light, can’t rely on a stand.

Overall Hokkaido is a nice place to take in scenery but is a little tricky when it comes to photographing people with the scenery. Let’s see if I get to take photos of anyone who wants to go there during winter!

Here’s a video of the drive :