There was some time to take photos of other stuff in Hokkaido.  So here are the rest of the photos, its not much but at least there were some images from some of the locations.


My first bowl of ramen in Japan. This was at Asahikawa Ramen Village あさひかわラーメン村. I can’t remember which shop we went to. I have more photos in my mobile phone than the camera. I usually have tonkotsu ramen but so far I mostly see Shio (Salt) and Miso based soup in Hokkaido.

These were taken at a ぜるぶの丘・亜斗夢の丘 (No idea how to read it!)

I took out the 105mm to take some wallpaper photos after we were done with the shots with the flowers. The spider caught our eye with its bright red back against the tarmac.

We then drove around Biei to take more photos, the wind was really strong and holding my lights up was pretty challenging. There are quite a few trees here with names and the single tree in the photo above is the Ken & Mary tree, too bad you can’t go take a photo next to the tree.


We went to ファーム富田 Farm Tomita to have some sweet melon. It wasn’t lavender season so it was a surprise to see purple in the fields.

Came to いつか富良野へ by chance and we were greeted by a couple running the very homely inn and cafe. They offered Kyoho grapes while we sat around to have hot drinks and relax.

The torturous Unkai Terrace 雲海テラス, we arrived at 4.30am and it was already 1 degree celcius at the car park. As we rode the gondola up, we saw snow on the plants. I was so cold at the top that I couldn’t even take any photo but if you see the portfolio section of the website, we eventually got ONE shot. The original idea was to sit at the deck and chill, when we reached the top, the chairs were all covered in snow. Good luck chilling.


This trip was for the autumn in Hokkaido. However luck wasn’t on our side. When we went to the national parks, winter has already arrived and we missed the colours by one week. In the lower regions, the weather wasn’t cold enough for the leaves to start turning colour.


The other thing against us was the sky. Dark clouds followed up wherever we went. Beautiful sky like this was rare and I think 2 or 3 days out of the 10 day trip. We managed to get some shots are locations like Nakajima Park and Lake Toya before the dark clouds came upon us and we had to scamper to the car before we got caught in the rain.


We saw 3 foxes during this trip, one at Windsor Hotel (Lake Toya) and 2 more at Cape Kamui. This handsome fella was seated next to our car at Cape Kamui.