One of my favourite joints. Service isn’t fantastic but I can have unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing! I went to the IMM branch and they didn’t have the unlimited cabbage. I was given a loyalty card which I threw away immediately because I’m not coming back if I don’t get my cabbage and sesame dressing!

Saboten 2

cabbage cabbage cabbage!

Saboten 1

The loin katsu is nice (pardon my lack of culinary vocabulary, I’m not a food blogger. But at least I’m honest). It isn’t too dry or oily.  Doesn’t taste like it took a long dip in oil like some KFC joints

There is another option called the tenderloin katsu which has the fats trimmed off.  I suggest sticking to the loin katsu instead.

Pros : Unlimited cabbage, decent tonkatsu

Cons : Nothing much to nitpick, service feels kinda weird.

Shout out to Patrick who seems to have worked there for the longest time, works with urgency and doesn’t need anything to take down the orders.