After a long while and lots of people trying to convince me to provide photography services for couples, I have decided to put more effort to making this available for the couples out there.


What has put me off for so long? First, let me make it clear that these views are entirely mine.

When I started out, I was doing some weddings but soon I got tired of the negotiations. Customers asking for discounts.  I didn’t get this “problem” when I shot commercially.

I didn’t like the wedding industry. I didn’t like how they would tell customers they were doing basic editing, advanced editing. I didn’t like videographers calling themselves cinematographers. I basically didn’t like the whole “show” they put out to customers who didn’t know enough.

That said, I decided to make this post to help the couples understand how we work :

NO ACTUAL DAY PHOTOGRAPHY – At the moment, we’re not doing any actual day, because honestly, it is tiring in a chiong sua kind of way.

NO PACKAGES – Unlike most wedding photographers, we don’t have a package. Everything is by the hour.

FLEXIBLE – If you want us to make a package for you, we can. If you want to get me a cheap flight and cheap lodging for your shoot, you can. We’re paid to take photos, not to earn extra money from you for sitting on a plane or sleeping in a hotel.

NO HIDDEN EXTRAS – Makeup artist overseas? We arrange, you pay directly to the artist. Transport and petrol? You pay directly to the gas station. We will only get paid for photography, we’re not middle men.

NO RETURN LIMIT – We don’t limit the amount of photos to give back. We’re not a bridal studio trying to earn a whole lot of extra bucks off you.

EDITING – We will edit whatever photos we deem usable. Definitely more than what your album needs. There’s no such thing as basic or advanced editing from us. Its either edited or not edited.

SOFT COPY – We only provide soft copy. You can take the photos and print to any format you want. We’ll even tell you where to get the stuff done.

ERRANDS – If you really need our help to get it printed on the album, we won’t overcharge, PROMISE. We’ll even show you the receipts. We’ll handle the dispatch for you and we’ll just charge for that service.

FAST – We give your photos back very fast. Usually within 3 days, (at most a week) after we come back. Why so fast? Because we don’t want to lose the feel that we got from the photos while we were shooting.

I hope this is informative enough on how we work, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the contact form and we will arrange a meet up to clear your doubts.

But rest assured that you will definitely NOT be getting any sweet talk from us because we really care about you getting value out of your money.