J Graduation Photoshoot

I met Joash by chance while I was shooting for Temasek.  He was doing his attachment with Temasek and he is a 200% PR person.  He wanted a shoot and thank God I didn’t get the usual cutesy photos with them.

German Shepherd + Whippets

I don’t usually take photos of pets, but my friend asked me to help so here is my first attempt… i still got paid though.

K + S @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

After covering their wedding, we all went for a walkabout at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I haven’t shot weddings for a while and this is probably my last one for 2011.  Any other wedding shoot I do will be for my friends only, unless somewhere along the way...

C + A Wedding

I know I don’t do weddings but this “lucky” couple got me to cover their wedding. hahaha~ actually they are my ex-colleagues that is why i agreed to shoot. Here are 30 selected shots for the day (and night).