Located at 20 Hong Kong Street, Fragrance Hotel.  This little bistro serves a pretty good meal in the middle of the working district.  I had the chance to hang out there and ordered quite a spread for myself.

I had the Fish n Chips, Fried Chicken Wings, Beef Burger, Bacon wrapped Chipolatas, Spaghetti Cabonara, a pint of Warsteiner beer and a couple of Timmermans (Strawberry and Peach flavours)

The price of the dishes range between $8 to $12 and I personally enjoyed the fried chicken wings and cabonara.


(The chicken wings were well marinated and came out really crispy)


(The cabonara didn’t have that typical creamy taste like you would get at Pastamania, it had a unique taste to it. Plus, it comes with an egg in the middle!)


(The burgers were obviously hand made, it didn’t stick together like a processed patty. It comes with egg wrapped PORK bacon on the top)


(The ladies should love Timmermans, if you like a more fruity taste then take the peach.  If you like it sweet and a slightly sour aftertaste then pick the strawberry)


(the Fish n Chips comes thinly battered, you know you are consuming fish instead of batter. I felt it was alright to me, maybe I’m too used to the bigger portions served at Fish n Co.)


Happy hour is available every day from 5pm to 8pm.  For those working around the area, just head down to grab a beer after work.  A jug will set you back $22.  This place doesn’t have service charge or GST.  The other half says she wants to come back again for dinner.

Brew Belly

20 Hong Kong Street (Fragrance Hotel)

7am – 1030pm ( Sun – Thur )
7am – Midnight ( Fri & Sat )