woke up early to be at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and i have not been there for the longest time! so i was actually quite amazed how much it has changed.

anyway i was there to take a silly photo of my subject who likes to take photos of insects, and with just his compact camera : Ricoh GX200. no macro lens, no DSLR. I want this camera for my overseas trips!

there were a bunch of photographers taking photos of, i have no idea what. they were all aiming into this emptiness. ok there was a mini waterfall but i really have no idea what image they had in mind. 7th month is over already right????

we went to the other side of the pond to look for insects and this corner had ducks. i saw another photographer there with a 300 or 400mm lens. there are so many photographers here!

ok, here are the boring shots. by this time, i was getting tired and hungry.

we had a meal at the foodcourt and i think the drinks are severly overpriced. $1.40 for a can of soft drink? $1.60 for a small cup of iced lemon tea??? which brings me back to having chai png near my place.

came back and processed the photo, the unflattened photoshop image came up to slightly over 900MB. 😛

the shoot took around 10 mins to set up, grab the photo and pack up 😀