Just got back from BKK and i need to clear my system again.

Because of Songkran, there will be less people around because they would have gone back to their provinces.  On top of that, there was the protests at the government buildings, so this makes it the emptiest BKK i’ve ever seen.  the BTS had so little people at the Siam station! Imagine having the chance to choose your seats at the Orchard Road station.




(tourists outside Siam Paragon which didn’t open till 1pm)

Amazingly, i was at Siam Paragon on the day that the protestors took over the military tank.  I didn’t know about it until I went back to the hotel to watch BBC.  All this while, everyone was just walking around and doing their own stuff like nothing was happening.


(most important event for this trip)

(crazy girls from another table shooting me when i was trying to take a video of my surrounding area)

(dancers were activated with their goggles)

(video taken from inside the club)

top question for my trips for the past year : คนไทยรึเปล่า? (kon thai reu bplao / are you thai?)

now back to reality.