this trip was totally unexpected.  first of all, i JUST got back in january and next thing i know i bought a february ticket.  i brought along a PnS camera, hoping to be more touristy for this trip.  sad to say, i failed miserably.  i didn’t take much photos and i was too lazy to even get my camera out for almost everything. But i must admit that the week was good, on the 3rd was MUSE and next day i’m off to BKK.

(flight was delayed for 2hrs!!!! no thanks to the singapore air show)

(there’s the aircraft… unable to take off)

(my breakfast)

(i met up with the guys at Siam Square)

(i went to have A&W for a snack while 2 of them went to get a haircut)

(everyone stood still for the national anthem)

(the room at hi-residence)

i stayed at “hi-residence” ( this time round, instead of the usual service apartment.  i personally won’t fork out more than $30 for a room in BKK but since i’m sharing a room for this trip, we could get a better one.  the hotel is pretty well designed, the rooms look good and clean.

there was football on cable tv so that is a big plus for me, hahaha~ the only bad thing was that we had to walk to the Phra Ram 9 MRT station along a busy road (Asok Dindaeng Rd) and it wasn’t that near.  Going to RCA by cab just cost us 51THB instead of 70+THB from the usual place i stay.  Then again, it is so near that no one really wants to send us back from the club.

I would stay at hi-residence again, provided i’m sharing a room with someone else.  Otherwise i’ll keep heading back to the service apartment.

We used Agoda ( to book the hotel and got pretty good rates.