I was reading the forums and there was this topic on “people with no ambition”. the topic starter said that a guy at his workplace was happy with a $5.25/hr temporary job. to the topic starter, he sees that guy as someone with no ambition.

one of the forumites put a link to another blog and and i’ve been trying to find this story for a long time.

and it goes like this…

A KPMG (Business) Consultant is holidaying on the Spanish Coast when early one morning while sipping his cappuccino he spots a fisherman bringing in a small catch of fish. The following morning the same KPMG consultant sees that same fisherman, again bringing in a small catch.

The KPMG consultant can not contain himself so he walks over from his seaside villa’s private patio and begins a conversation with the fisherman.

KPMG: You know if you stayed out a bit longer I’m sure you’d catch more fish.

Fisherman: Yes, but why?

KPMG: Well if you caught more fish you’d have more money!

Fisherman: Yes, but why?

KPMG: Well if you had more money you could buy yourself another boat and employ some other fisherman!

Fisherman: Yes, but why?

KPMG: Well, the astute thing to do would be to start a company with a fleet of boats or perhaps even a franchise!

Fisherman: Yes, but why?

KPMG: Well, you’d make millions. You could control the entire fishing industry and build a large successful chain of international fishing businesses.

Fisherman: Yes, but why?

KPMG: You’d be rich, absolutely stinking rich!

Fisherman: Yes, but WHY would I want to be rich?

KPMG: Well, with all that money you could afford to retire early … (suddenly looking despondent) … at the sea… perhaps on the Spanish Coast, and go fishing in the morning…. (starting to look ill) and spend the rest of the day with your children and lovely wife.

Fisherman: My wife’s got some oats on the stove… would you like to come over for breakfast and meet the kids?

ambition / happiness / contentment is subjective 🙂