i know this is late since its 8th january already, but happy new year~

it feels like a very good year ahead.  i will shoot the remaining wedding shoots that were booked last year and after june 2011 there should be no more weddings!!!! for those who know me, they will understand my joy.

you can pay me $3000-4000 to shoot a bridal but i won’t do it because i can’t do it and i really do not like to do it… and if i don’t like to do it, it means i can’t give you good images at all.  so wedding photos are best produced by wedding photographers.  leave the photoshopping and whacky stuff to me.

this year i will be filled with other projects and more chances to let my creative juices flow.  i’ve been busy since i came back from BKK… which is a first, since i went into this full-time.

we have some things planned out and i will update whenever i can.  hopefully a print shop selling artwork / office, an exhibition for a project, getting more advertising deals… we’ll see how it goes for 2011, it sure looks exciting for me.